Decolonising Development Studies symposium

A day of discussion on colonial critiques of development teaching, institutional structure and research production.


  1. Andrea Cornwall and Olivia Rutazibwa welcomed over 60 delegates from the UK and beyond to Decolonising Development Studies- a symposium addressing the structural, epistemological and institutional implications of recognising the coloniality of international development as currently conceived and practiced.
  2. The opening panel convened a diverse range of speakers, discussing their responses to the symposium topic:

    Framing Development Studies Pedagogy, Epistemology, Praxis
    Brief reflections by: Ziyanda Stuurman, AramZia, Madeleine Kennedy-Macfoy, Louiza Odysseos, Saurab Aurora. Chair: Olivia Rutazibwa
  3. A recording of this opening panel is available to listen to again on SoundCloud:
  4. Delegates were then split into eight discussion groups, addressing the impact of different aspects of colonisation on development studies:

    Decolonial Teaching Tools | Embodiment, Activism, Power | Research Collaborations and Producing Knowledge | Decolonising Economies | Decolonising Development Practice | Re-envisioning'Development Studies' | Development and/as Resistance
  5. The thread below follows discussion from the Challenging Power and Decolonising the Mind group: