The Unmentionables of Health: Uncut

All the videos from all five years of talks about all the stuff that deeply affects our health (but nobody wants to talk about in public).


  1. The Unmentionables has been a labor of love for Alexandra Drane for over five years now. The concept reflects the insights learned by Eliza Corp. from their 1+ billion interactions with health care consumers, the bravery of Matthew Holt and Health 2.0 for giving it a stage, and the analytical horsepower of Wendy Lynch in authenticating the findings. Alex and I are doing our best to give these very real topics a home – not just because they matter enormously, not just because they represent the sum truth of what I’ve seen in my own work, but because they may just be what stands between us and real health.
  2. Photo by Trey Ratcliff
  3. 2010: Year 1 in its 51-minute entirety:
  4. 2011: Year 2's supersized 87 minutes of awesome:
  5. 2011: Individual talks from Year 2 of the Unmentionables:
  6. 2012: Year 3 -- the full 72-minute panel:
  7. 2012: Most of the talks are pretty short and sweet (5-8 minutes). Enjoy!