Peer to Peer Health Advice

At no other time in history have we been able to communicate across the world, in an instant, with anyone and everyone who has knowledge and experience to share. Never has it been so easy to solve problems together. When it comes to your health, your community may be your superpower.


  1. Peer to Peer Health Advice
  2. The research that is the foundation of my interest in this work:
  3. Standing on the shoulders of giants:
  4. Examples of stories with glimmers of peer health advice and connection:
  5. Examples of journalists who use their skills to document and share their personal experience with peer health advice:
  6. Images can be as powerful as text. The National Marfan Foundation maintains a Flickr collection entitled, "What Does Marfan Syndrome Look Like?"
  7. How might we capture and share collective knowledge of past patient experience? Great question!
  8. Clinicians turn to peer advice, too: