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Parkinson's For One Day

Gretchen Church was my partner on Saturday, June 6, 2015, teaching me how to manage life with the physical challenges that come with Parkinson's disease. Our tweets tell the story...


  1. We talked via Skype on Friday night -- Gretchen in Florida, me in Washington, DC. I took three pages of notes on what to expect and then went to bed, knowing that I was lucky to not be dealing with the insomnia that Gretchen often faces. And yet she is so full of joy!
  2. This "empathy exercise" is hosted by Smart Patients, who sent me weights for my ankles (to mimic a shuffling gait) and rubber gloves (to simulate clumsy hands).
  3. And now back to our story...
  4. Gretchen and her husband, Michael Church, founded Movers & Shakers, an outreach group for people living with Parkinson's.
  5. While they take a walk (Gretchen on her scooter), I walked over to my neighborhood's annual celebration.