Palliative Care? Hospice? Rehab?

I posted to Twitter and Facebook: "For a friend: Is there a decision-support tool out there for rehab facility vs. hospice? Crossroads moment. Thanks for any help." No easy answers, but lots of resources.


  1. Update: I wrote a blog post to explain more about the circumstances of my search for this information.
  2. I'm not sure if the family is ready to consider this an "end of life" discussion, but Engage with Grace is the kind of simple, friendly tool I'm hoping to find:
  3. Carol Levine posted a link to this tool in the comments on a NYT "New Old Age" article by Paula Span (pro tip: never skip the comments on the NYT, always sort by "Readers' Picks"):
  4. I can't seem to get the NYT article to pop up as an item, but Nick Dawson was the first to suggest it (below). Note: SNF stands for "skilled nursing facility." 
  5. Brett Johnson shared this excellent article:
  6. The National Library of Medicine's Caregiver account happened to tweet this basic resource:
  7. But it's too general to be helpful in this situation. A few days later they tweeted the following (excellent) resources:
  8. Bart Windrum shared this link to an organization that provides counseling within the U.S.
  9. Update: Sally Okun reached out to her former hospice colleagues and sent this gem:
  10. An excerpt from the above: "A hospice referral is a win win. You win if they say it is too soon and you are not appropriate for hospice care or you win by coming onto the hospice program and getting much needed guidance, information and support.

    Sometimes patients rally once they are with hospice care. I think it is because hospice is the expert in pain management and comfort care and brings that to the patient and family. Everybody begins to relax a little. You feel less alone, less isolated and have more knowledge about what happens as death approaches."

  11. I received many encouraging notes from experts, like: