Master Class on Participatory Research

Tweets, slides, photos and other materials generated during the Stanford Medicine X Master Class on Participatory Research on September 29, 2013.


  1. A preface: I had a serious case of Impostor Syndrome as I prepared to lead the class. But I'm determined to contribute to the world, self-doubt be damned. If you're not familiar with Impostor Syndrome, I found this article to be useful since I do think men suffer from it, maybe in different ways than women do:
  2. I wrote a bit about how I overcame my self-doubts -- in part by preparing very carefully and being honest with myself and my community:
  3. It was not until I was compiling this Storify that I saw this tweet, which, well, blows me away:
  4. One last thing about humility: I think it does make me a better researcher. A core principle of participatory research is to listen, more than ask. I have zero self-doubt about that.
  5. Now, on to more notes and tweets:
  6. My slides for the class focused on the themes that emerged from the 100+ applications for the 12 spots in the class:
  7. I asked everyone to introduce themselves using 5 words or fewer. A few examples, captured by Ann Becker-Schutte:
  8. A few people essentially live-tweeted the discussion, which I'm thankful for, starting with my introduction:
  9. I love this tweet because it captures exactly what I'd hoped to do: flip the classroom.