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Thanks for Freelancing

Are freelancers thankful for their freelance careers or do they bemoan their lone wolf status?


  1. Some freelancers have more to be thankful than others. UK-based freelance prop-maker Rachel Crook, whose work includes a large-scale ostrich she created for Topshop, has more offers than she can take.
  2. Kitchenmouth Kate shrugged off turkey-basting for freelancing.
  3. I saw Slate editor Laura Helmuth's shout out to her freelancers after Adam Penenberg retweeted it, which spawned the idea for this post. Freelancers are thankful for Laura's sentiment.
  4. Freelance film critic Jordan Hoffman gets my stamp of approval for how to survive as a freelancer: low overhead.
  5. Arizona-based freelance makeup artist Stephanie posted a photo of herself practicing her craft.
  6. Sarah Frantz is a freelance editor who specializes in romance, and she is thankful for those who pay her.
  7. New York City-based writer and editor Christopher Carbone is living the freelance dream.