You write the Chicago Sun-Times Super Bowl headline - Twitter suggestions

Sports editor Chris De Luca asked for some help on social media to write the Chicago Sun-Times back page headline. Here are some of the suggestions via Twitter and our Facebook page.


  1. Suggestions from our Facebook page

  2. Way to Cap Career (double entendre since Ray is also the captain)
  3. Bodymore Murdaland (Wire fans will get this)
  4. Chicago Bears Twenty Thirteen
  5. There was a football game at Beyonce's concert
  6. Harbaugh Wins, Harbaugh Loses
  7. "Rayvens" Throw Retirement Party
  8. Ravens Soar High at Ray Lewis' Retirement Party
  9. It was a meat and potatoes versus chicken and broccoli game.
  10. Suggestions and comments from Twitter