PPC Services


  1. Without Breaking the Bank get Tons of New Clients with PPC. PPC has the capability and a great project pipeline. Afrisam strength is its leadership. In chairman Phuthuma Nhleko the company has a proven entrepreneur who has during his career made contacts on the African continent. His successes at MTN Group speak for themselves. Nhleko's Pembani Group owns about 30% of Afrisam and, together with its majority shareholder, the Public Investment Corp (PIC), Afrisam has solid financial backing.
  2. Our skill lies in fulfilling this objective: to target the right audience at the moment on the ideal device with the message. Timing is everything! Before we set up your effort we run research around your business and your audience so as to create a unique strategy for immediate outcomes. This allows PPC to be a part in your presence, and helps you to make the most of those conversions which could otherwise slip away.
  3. At Herjoo Online we understand how to get the most. We operate expertly tailored pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Herjoo Online is a Google PPC service provider based in South Africa. We have been helping businesses throughout the planet get leads online since 2007. On the surface Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) may seem like traditional ad-focused advertising, but under the skin it is a really different animal, allowing you to serve highly targeted ads which are more effective than traditional, scatter-gun advertising campaigns.
  4. Over 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Each day, more than 3 billion videos are viewed and this is why YouTube has become the largest search engine on the internet. Be visible on YouTube and reach relevant audiences during the first few minutes of a video, complimented with a square banner on top right alongside the video. We'll promote it to the top of search results pages if you have a brand video!  http://socialseo.co.za/pay-per-click/  Traffic Brand will place their knowledge and experience to deliver a tactical display campaign on YouTube to your own brand.
  5. When you run a PPC ad campaign, there are key elements in order to win, you will need to use. We take the fear from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and turn your PPC budget into excellent brand awareness, leads and conversions. Pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising is the very best way to get immediate results from Internet search engines. Additionally, it happens to be one of our specialties here at Lakeshore Branding.
  6. Pay per click is an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, however, it is advisable to ensure your obtaining the best profits on return and the highest conversions for your cash spent.