Problem of infertility in couples


  1. In many countries doctors use to believe that any couple who may fails to conceive after having sexual intercourse for one year then that couple may take as infertile. But researches regarding this infertility prove that in over half of the cases of infertility females own conditions are responsible due to which she fails to conceive normally and in the rest cases there may possibility that males sperms disorders may act as a root cause of infertility problem in any couple.

    Some people still think today that infertility is only a woman’s problem. But one can not neglect this truth that in many couples it is find that only male partner is responsible for giving rise to this problem of infertility. Normally the problem may be arising in any male when he suffers from low sperm counting. So it is necessary that before reaching to any conclusion first of all men get tested for fertility along with women. It is seen that in many cases males feels hesitation so they do not want to go for test but they do not neglect this fact that early test may prove a factor of great help to them and to their partner as it help their partner to avoid lots of discomfort along with unnecessary expense.

    Mainly the best way to solve the infertility problem is that person may visit the infertility specialist or IVF centre in India which helps him/her by understanding the root cause of this problem. And it becomes possible to the doctor only after sending the patient to a physical exam. During these test males first of all has to go for semen test which will depicts the quality and quantity of the male sperm in the semen. It is common type of test and it may help a lot by decreasing the stress level. In the case if first semen test is normal then the doctor may also recommend his patient to go for second test only to confirm the results.

    So after going through above discussion it becomes clear that generally two tests are interpreted to analysis this fact that man does not have any significant problem which leads him towards the infertility. But in the case if doctor finds something irregular in the tests then in that condition he may advise the patient to go on for some more tests in order to pinpoint the problem in reality. At such stage one must visit to a specialist instead of visiting a urologist because unless the patient does not go under a proper treatment till that he will not able to get rid from the problem of infertility in true words. In males sperms analysis is the bet way to find out the root cause of infertility problem. Let’s start discussing first of all about those facts which may be detected by sperm analysis:-

    First sperm analysis is named as Zoosperm which indicates the condition under which any male use to suffer from no production of sperms or in other words we can say that it is a condition under which sperms are not appearing in the semen.

    Second stage which comes under this category is named as Oligospermia which is a condition under which the patient may suffer from the problem of little production of sperms.
    Next test in this category is named as motility test which finds out all types of difficulties that may face by male. It is a condition under which sperms are not moving normally in the human body. Due to which they are less likely to be capable of fertilizing the eggs.