@pinthecreep, on the 12th of May ,2017 by Ms. Monica on the topic of "DIGITAL GENDER DISPARITY".

  1. Welcome to everyone to this #TweetChat on the Topic of the Digital Gender Divide & disparity. Thanks to @pinthecreep for the opportunity
  2. @pinthecreep I am journalism student who also share kind of same passion of creating a difference in the society using various platforms.
  3. @pinthecreep Hi. Riitu from Delhi. I am an independent marketing and branding professional
  4. @pinthecreep @elsamariedsilva @Meetasengupta @shubhos A1- People still can't do away with the old mindset of having a patriarchal society no matter hw literate they are #Gender #DigitalDisparity
  5. @pinthecreep @elsamariedsilva @Meetasengupta @shubhos @subhangi_singh A1: women's lesser fin power,social restriction to use tech devices,lack of freedom to use digital devices #DigitalDisparity @pinthecreep
  6. @pinthecreep @elsamariedsilva @Meetasengupta @shubhos @subhangi_singh A1: Lack of access to resources in India internet is still considerd as a luxury commodity beyond metros #digitaldisparity
  7. @pinthecreep @Meetasengupta @shubhos @subhangi_singh A1 acc to latest Mckinsey report women in india do 5 hrs more work at home than men as compared to 90 mins by women in the US. Double job
  8. @Usriroy @pinthecreep @Meetasengupta @shubhos @subhangi_singh A1 didn't somebody say in UP that women who use mobile phones are not good women? or something to that effect? #DigitalGenderDisparity
  9. @pinthecreep @elsamariedsilva @Meetasengupta @shubhos Also at times women also become d one who seek permission for everything dey want to put up socially allowing ppl to hold command ovr them
  10. @pinthecreep @elsamariedsilva @shubhos @subhangi_singh A1. #DigitalDisparity power structures carried over, access to digital worlds - some genders are held back.
  11. @pinthecreep @subhangi_singh @gcmedia123 @renitasiqueira @IriscopeX @Usriroy @kapoors_s @ravikarkara @elsamariedsilva @EstherNgumbi A2: Women are not able to connect to world at same pace as that of men, landing them up in state of helplessness to crimes they face.
  12. @pinthecreep Yes absolutely, that's what I said in A2 hence it must be denied #Gender - is the mindset of #DigitalDisparity
  13. @pinthecreep @jasuja We do stand with you for Women Equality. Its not a forenight process it should be started from home. #womenempowerment
  14. @pinthecreep Like a taboo, females are not accepted in the digital and social world. It tends to show their unculturedness in our society.
  15. @pinthecreep @gcmedia123 @renitasiqueira @IriscopeX @Usriroy @kapoors_s @ravikarkara @elsamariedsilva @EstherNgumbi A2- Yes it does. It becomes a baised platform where one is allowed to post everything they wish nd d other gets d inferiority complex#Gender
  16. @anupamaskapoor @pinthecreep A2 more +ve pts. No empowerment is cos lack of access to technology but not stripping them of empowerment in 1st place #digitaldisparity
  17. @pinthecreep @elsamariedsilva @Meetasengupta @shubhos @subhangi_singh A1. maybe because people love to show the domination digitally bcoz who is going to listen their useless #genderdisparity talks anyway!
  18. @anupamaskapoor @pinthecreep #gender #digitaldisparity it has allowed online civil society to exist. Online community to continue. Worldwide networking to happen.
  19. @pinthecreep @anupamaskapoor @elsamariedsilva @subhangi_singh @Usriroy @AniketAps @gcmedia123 @kapoors_s A3 #DigitalDisparity IMHO no. I've known phd's left out. It has to do with supportive systems not just literacy. Better UI/UX would help.
  20. @pinthecreep @anupamaskapoor @Meetasengupta @elsamariedsilva @Usriroy @AniketAps @gcmedia123 @kapoors_s A3 A lot generally ppl nt mch aware abt its proper way of using or rather 1 who accept inequality r d ppl who create prblm fr women's#Gender
  21. @pinthecreep @anupamaskapoor @Meetasengupta @elsamariedsilva @subhangi_singh @AniketAps @gcmedia123 @kapoors_s literate ppl r more confident abt handling the device, illiterate ppl r often discouraged & frightened to try new things #DigitalDisparity
  22. @pinthecreep @subhangi_singh @gcmedia123 @renitasiqueira @IriscopeX @Usriroy @kapoors_s @ravikarkara @elsamariedsilva @EstherNgumbi A2. I think social media gives a power to all equally to voice their opinions but it is really up to us how judiciously we use the freedom.
  23. @pinthecreep @anupamaskapoor @Meetasengupta @subhangi_singh @Usriroy @AniketAps @gcmedia123 @kapoors_s A3 Lots of inhibition from literate to go digital. Fear of privacy,lack of understanding how it works, inability to keep up w/pace of change
  24. @pinthecreep Every coin has two sides and so does the digital world. It glorifies the educated and not much to the underprivileged.
  25. @pinthecreep @subhangi_singh @gcmedia123 @renitasiqueira @IriscopeX @Usriroy @ravikarkara @elsamariedsilva @EstherNgumbi A2: I wouldn't put it that ways! Something that empowers one, the lack of it doesn't mean it disempowers! One can be disadvantaged!
  26. @kapoors_s @pinthecreep @anupamaskapoor @elsamariedsilva @subhangi_singh @Usriroy @AniketAps @gcmedia123 I'm saying that they are different skills. Also literacy is not necessary if sites designed well for #DigitalDisparity e.g. Links/recording
  27. @elsamariedsilva @kapoors_s @pinthecreep @anupamaskapoor @Meetasengupta @subhangi_singh @Usriroy @AniketAps @jasuja In India farmers are using KCC type of credit card & they are not sometime literate but they are smart enough to use it #digitaldisparity
  28. @pinthecreep @anupamaskapoor @Meetasengupta @elsamariedsilva @subhangi_singh @Usriroy @AniketAps @gcmedia123 @kapoors_s A3. To some extent, yes. One need not be highly qualified but should be judicious enough to know diff. btween right and wrong #Gender
  29. @wistyloony @pinthecreep A4 #gender #digitaldisparity for gender equality. Empowerment of women n Girls.for a better society n world. For humanity. Information avail
  30. @pinthecreep @elsamariedsilva @anupamaskapoor @kapoors_s @Meetasengupta @Usriroy @EstherNgumbi A4) I will go straight on dis Q it'll a major step towards bringing equality in society since digital media holds the power weapon in+
  31. @Usriroy @pinthecreep @subhangi_singh @anupamaskapoor @kapoors_s @Meetasengupta @EstherNgumbi A4 the opportunities r immense. Today with education available 4 free,access to travel without travelling,ur mind opens up to possibilities
  32. @kapoors_s @pinthecreep @subhangi_singh @anupamaskapoor @Meetasengupta @Usriroy @EstherNgumbi A4 I guess it is their choice. Maybe they just don't want to. Like I said #DigitalQuotient is going to also be a measure at some point.
  33. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep @subhangi_singh @anupamaskapoor @Meetasengupta @Usriroy @EstherNgumbi A4: true! What's abt women who shop online, browse FB but reluctant to use financial tools online! How does one address #digitaldisparity?
  34. @pinthecreep @gcmedia123 @AniketAps @anupamaskapoor @elsamariedsilva @Usriroy @kapoors_s @ahgalsg @Meetasengupta A5)Staying bold,educating our own family first, setting n example by taking initiatives, also by educating ppl hw to handle it properly
  35. @pinthecreep By empowering people around us, connecting them with right resources, do we digitally literate maids who are helping us? #DigitalDisparity
  36. @pinthecreep A6 by educating others, sharing knowledge, best practices, hosting such wonderful tweet chats! ;) #Gender #DigitalDisparity
  37. @pinthecreep A6: Sharing knowledge info educating ppl around us bringing tech closer to underprivileged simpler apps for them #gender #digitaldisparity
  38. @pinthecreep A6 Figure 5 or 10 must do's for women in our lives. & how to make them happen. Put together how to's / resources #digital #genderdisparity
  39. Thank you for joining this discussion and contributing with so much passion. Appreciate your time. Thanks from @pinthecreep & me (@jasuja )