Europa 2012 - Landscape, Monuments and Society

The Prehistoric Society and Reading University 9 June 2012

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  1. First some preliminaries... not much response but David and I still excited by the papers planned.
  2. Saturday morning. Hardly any wifi in the lecture theatre and so I was the only one tweeting - tried my best to cover the papers and answer questions and listen at the same time! The worthy recipient of the Europa prize was Professor Richard Bradley - all the papers had been carefully picked to reflect his wide-ranging interests in prehistoric archaeology, which mean lots of old photographs, anecdotes and even a limerick peppered the proceedings.
  3. Questions on Ramon's paper were started by President Alison Sheridan:
  4. And someone else was obviously feeling inspired:
  5. Next up was Prof Colin Richards:
  6. Others following on Twitter were intrigued by the content of the papers so far.
  7. I was pretty sure that most of the papers were going to be in Richard Bradley's feshscrift but couldn't remember the title! Plus it hadn't been launched just yet... Mike Allen took the stage to launch no. 4 in the recent series of Prehistoric Society Research Papers.
  8. More details on nos 4 & 5 of the research papers: