CBA Winter Meeting 27th Feb 2012

Publishing & Accessing Archaeological Knowledge


  1. Full information and programme for the day available from the CBA website:
  2. Heading into London on the train, I let people know that I'd be tweeting highlights - expecting to be the only one!
  3. Confirmation from several that they wanted to hear tweets and RTs was a good thing.

  4. It looked like others would be there too!
  5. Prof. Julian Richards - Keynote Address

    And we were off. After a short introduction by Dr Kate Pretty, CBA President, the day kicked off with Prof Julian Richards (the one without the beard for those who know their archaeologists by their facial hair) who set the scene for archaeological publication by reviewing the recommendations of a 2001 user needs survey run by the CBA (PUNS):

  6. And some more specific points: