International Women's Day 2013

Coverage relating to Sudan and South Sudan around international women's day.


  1. South Sudan began celebrating International Women's day on Tuesday when the country's second lady called for women to be given 50% of government positions.
  2. South Sudan women urged to play larger role in politics
    South Sudan women urged to play larger role in politics
  3. The UN has used the annual celebration to urge for the end of Violence Against Women.
  4. International Women's Day 2013 - Message from UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet
  5. South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. This MSF video shows what is being done to address the problem through the story of one women in Northern Bahr el Ghazal.
  6. International Women's Day: Obstetric care in South Sudan
  7. Human Rights Watch marked the day by calling for an end to forced marriage of girls in South Sudan.
  8. Child Marriage: South Sudan
  9. The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in South Sudan called the empowerment of  the women in the world's youngest nation.

  10. South Sudanese civil society asked that the next Secretary General of the UN be a women.
  11. One of the biggest celebrations in South Sudan was in Jonglei state.