Twilight of the West

A new meme appears - to conceal a new game -one which heralds the final takedown of a western world lost to its own beginnings


  1. Covering events in Turkiye during the latter half of July has been a big enough story simply from the domestic angle - the re-arrangement of an entire society by which a factional squabble between two once-allied Islamist movements has resulted in the removal of all civil liberties, rule of law, and of course, those whose role was to protect them. All gone - in the space of two weeks of media-driven rollout of the terror state which now slips it's mask over the fallen Republic.
  2. But the story holds implications which reach far beyond the boundaries of one middle eastern country, or even those of the middle east itself. It's as if a gigantic geopolitical wheel has been put to turning... slowly, at first, imperceptibly even, rotating the alignment of power out of the hands of those used to holding it, and into the lap of those who have long coveted it. But whose hands those really are? That question remains the element of our story answering which is contingent upon going beyond the framework now set in place via the various media. Towards an understanding of the "hyper-real' nature of "events" - of the kind I've been detailing here since the start of the year.
  3. That "hyper-reality' which has now not just intruded upon, but actually replaced, the real, is a meta-fictional rendition of memes upon which can be imprinted brain-wave patterns that will convince the great majority of those exposed to "the news" that what they are watching, reading, listening to... is 'real.' But it is only theater. A theater of the kind that - for those to whom it most appeals - one must defend the "veracity" of unto the death! Whipped up emotions which appeal to carefully implanted sensibilities of nationalism, ethnicity, religion or cultural ascendance are grist for this theatrical mill.
  4. So, now, as the smoke clears on the stage of what has been one of the largest hoaxed events anywhere, ever.... the first outlines of where and by what means it's effects are to resonate are appearing as well. This week has seen the emergence in the domestic media of Turkiye a radically different direction in the regime agit-prop which all are eager to disseminate - and absorb. What was, in the first week of 'post-phony-coup' media narratives, a target which solely consisted of an alleged 'parallel state' created by a rival Islamist demagogue - has now been considerably broadened to include the intelligence agencies, the military, and even the government of the USA itself! All of whom are now randomly accused in the semi-official regime mouthpiece outlets of complicity with the 'Gulenists' in attempting to overthrow the AKP regime.
  5. With these daily changes - escalations we might better call them - to the regime narrative, we are now able to get closer to the bitter truth behind the phony coup and it's originators. Building upon small details being filled in from these media attempts to "real-ize" the coup attempt, we are going to be able to build a picture at last of the real sequence events from Friday evening through Saturday morning - as they unfolded in a tourist town on the Aegean. As the complicit media receives it's orders to adapt the story line to directly implicate the USA, we will see the Sikorsky and Cobra gunships flitting about on their competing missions as markers - veritable Valkyries - of a battle of perception - one which the Americans cannot win, because they were set up to take the fall for this from the very beginning. Looking at this pathetic piece of regime propaganda
  6. we can see the outlines of a shift of allegiances which was also decided from the very beginning of this theatrical production. Told to become new best friends with their recent worst enemies, Ankara has no choice but to invent the most convenient -if not convincing - backdrop in which to clothe it's naked bankruptcy of real power. And meanwhile, in the west the same complicit crew of accomplices are doing their best to garnish the new meme with the trappings of authenticity -
  7. but reading that piece of true tripe shows that they've got a long way to go! Meanwhile, we will surely be able to watch the intensity of their efforts to inveigle the people of the west into cheering their own demise. Like the storied choppers of CAVALRY plowing out of the sky to the chords of lush Wagnerian overkill - we will soon be witness to looping scenes of rooftop Embassy evacuations from around the world as the empire ebbs back to home shores. And as I wrote in the 2010 New Tenochititlan story
  8. "when the Empires’ military might dwindles further, when it is no longer possible for it to maintain the foreign administrative outposts which process death and manage the drug pipelines, inevitably the circle of sacrifice will close in on itself, inside the empire, the consensus of shared guilt added on to the previous consensus of necessity for blood, so that it is acceptable for the new victims to be found from amongst it’s own citizens – “each challenge, each voice differing from the consensus – even if it is only symbolic and without military muscle – becoming an insufferable threat to the dimly held hope that it might yet, even in the face of impossible odds, be possible to expunge life’s calamities…. In this scenario hope dwindles but fear persists – like a man who has ceased to believe in God but who still fastidiously observes every religious ritual for fear of being condemned to Hell.”"(On Leaving and Being Left Stephen H. Jones)
  9. The bitterness of the developing feud between what are on surface still close NATO allies is one element of that new direction in theatrical plot line - but what's at least equally important here is the speed and magnitude of Ankara's switching the narrative towards Russia. The mind-boggling speed of the turnaround in the space of less than a month is a harbinger of how recklessly confident the conspirators against the real now feel. In the wave of pure emotion driven by the implanted nationalistic fervor of those who believe there was a coup attempt against the elected government, there is no time or place for critical thinking - if the "Chief" says America is now Satan, and Russia is the angel of light, when just weeks ago the perception management of the regime was quite different, that's just how the masses are going to see it!
  10. Likewise, if hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens, neighbors, co-workers, or even relatives, are now stripped of their properties, their livelihoods, and even their liberty, at the illegal order of a government without the constitutional authority to do so, it's perfectly alright in the new euphoric state of abandonment to evil which the country now roils in. But of course, not all of the intended victims are going to go quietly to their own extinction - there will be the bloodiest of civil wars resulting from the merger of state power with religious fanaticism, soon enough. Another failed state in the making.
  11. But that is ultimately, no matter how terrible, only a minor element in this truly big ticket production. Because in the wings is waiting to appear the true face of both the deception behind the phony coup and those who made it happen. And while it will be hidden for a while longer- via storylines about "the BRICS" & Russia as peacemaker and global savior, a new multipolar era, etc., etc., behind the carefully crafted media narrative the real face of international terror is ready to step onto the stage as the new power uber-alles. The ZATO alliance which I have spoken about the reality of for the past couple of months is going to become not only de facto, soon enough, but also de jure. But first, the world must turn upon a wounded and self-absorbed USA.
  12. Setting the stage for which has been the effort to pretend -as in the story above - that the USA-Israel axis still exists. That is does not is the single most important puzzle piece being hidden by all media narratives. The USA will now be thrown under the bus. And the wolves have gathered. The 'world' of which I speak is the same one which - until late- has been under the firm domination of the USA. The warning cracks which have appeared in sequence - the Saudis, the Japanese, even the UK with the Brexit move - have been but a superficial sign of the machinations which have proceeded out of tel aviv's storied diplomatic arsenal. Like a bomb rigged to explode at the most inopportune moment - for the victim - the series of negotiations which took Israel's President Rivlin [and the former furniture salesman from Philly] to Ankara and Moscow, then to Warsaw and Brussels, formed a new axis of powers against the Americans.
  13. The Europeans have been offered relief from the self-defeating sanctions game - the Russians equally promised an end to the tension. Taking Turkiye under it's effective control was the master stroke of tel aviv's tactical offensive. What first became apparent last winter as a widening alliance between two putative enemies -
  14. was detailed exclusively here as it progressed into an actual takeover of the AKP regime by the sionist state! With a puppet regime reliably pliant to it's directives, Israel could offer both Russia and the Europeans suitable inducement to put no roadblocks in the way of it's joining NATO as a full member. Soon enough to replace the USA as controlling member! Still "allies" on paper, the member states of NATO have been made aware that the Americans are to be taken down this fall. The kind of sympathies which flowed from the world in the aftermath of 911, will this time round be replaced by a species of pent up schadenfreude built out of all the bullyings and blackmail of post-ww2 American hegemony. Which will in turn be replaced with the growing horror of realization that, with the Americans went the last defense for a divided and depleted Europe which had failed to reestablish contact with it's own beginnings -
  15. and therefore sealed it's own ending! The staged 'election' scheduled for the fall will be the guideline for watching how the final takedown of the staggering giant will proceed. But for now, it is enough to note the final emergence of the new approved media meme which will accompany and abet that takedown - and with it, the final fall of the west! In the grip of said meme, the whole of the "exceptionalist" western world will be happy to oblige their enemies with their own downfall - as long as they are given the starring role in the production as always! With the final warning issued - to fall inevitably on deaf ears - as to what could be expected from the sequence of events leading to Israel's covert coup in Ankara -