THE NEW ALLIANCE OF TERROR/AXIS OF EVIL nobody's willing to talk about.


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  2. “For a land to be a country, it needs the blood of martyrs.”

  3. This recent statement from the mouth of Recep Tayyip Erdogan serves to underscore the thesis advanced in my recent story BLOOD SACRIFICE
  4. Wherein begins the work of tying together various elements of a story which has not been - and will not be - touched by "information media" of any description, anywhere. The trafficking in blood which I allude to in that story is more than a mere metaphor, once the narratives of both ancient and modern history of this region of the world are co-joined in the necessary manner.
  5. No element of the modern mythos - of humankind's progressive evolution through the millennia - is more deceptive than that which advances the notion that "we" collectively, have left savagery, and the primitive conception of appeasing the blood lust of "higher powers" behind us. The course of current events disproves that notion every day now - when viewed from outside the consensus trace perspective which that same "information media" induces.
  6. What is now unfolding - before the sightless eyes of a media now thoroughly complicit in concealing the fact - is a truly frightening alliance of terror states driven by those very same primitive impulses towards murder and mayhem WHICH SUPERSEDES all superficial differences of religion or race. Israel and Turkey "need each other" as the spin goes... in the way that the rope needs the hangman, or the guillotine it's operator! Reading the approved narrative -
  7. about how yet another contrived outbreak of state-sponsored "terror" on the streets of Istanbul has supposedly allowed for a return to sympathetic dialogue on the part of two equally contrived "enemies" - as I wrote about recently here -
  8. one sees the outlines of the same hidden but active security arrangements between the two states which have operated since 1958 - when an Israeli-Turkish covert intelligence alliance called the “Peripheral Pact” was formalized. A major channel of diplomatic deceit has been opening in the past several years designed to make it seem that the "Isamist" AKP regime in power in Ankara has ended this arrangement.
  9. I will argue that it has been in fact strengthened, in a covert manner since the rise to power of the AKP Islamists! it will be necessary to grasp this superficially paradoxical point in order for the reader to understand what is really going on in the middle east - outside of all the false storylines!
  10. The two states share much more in common than is generally recognized. Their approach to dealing with the "problem" of indigenity for instance, betrays the same heavy-handedness. No matter whether it be Kurds or Palestinians, Alevis or Muslims who stand in the way of a uni-ethnic/mono-religious state, the answer for both regimes is identical.
  11. If there was any doubt about what the Turkish President had in mind when he says 'we will go to the end' with the elimination of the "kurdish problem" once and for all, the public rebuke this week of his own Prime Minister, and purported head of government - in which Erdogan directly contradicted the former's mention of possible return to negotiated settlement - has ended it.
  12. The elimination of all but the hard line approach to dealing with this issue is reminiscent of the position of another regional "hardliner." It should come as no surprise then that the return to full blossom of the Turk-Israel alliance should occur under the mandate of an alleged "Islamist" regime in Ankara, and a dedicated enemy of Palestinian aspirations in Tel Aviv. Though portrayed currently as a reluctant partner who is 'stalling' an agreement with the Turks it was Netanyahu who said ,
  13. “The central axis between Israel and Turkey”, is the basis, though not the exclusive basis to form a regional framework here [in the Middle East]”. Rather than changing his tune, due to a different political entity holding power in Ankara, the Israeli leader has simply returned to negotiations this time round with a much stronger hand to play; in bringing the AKP Islamists around to the reality of their own weakness and isolation, it is his goal to fully incorporate them into the same strategic network with which Israel has now enveloped the Saudis and Egyptians.
  14. The roots of such a strategic relationship go in fact much deeper in the case of Turkey than Israel's covert alliances with any other Muslim state.
  15. Although Turkey and Israel established an informal alliance that included a secret agreement concluded between Adnan Mederes & David Ben Gurion, which obliged “the two states to go to war against a common enemy under certain circumstances”, it was under Netanyahu that Tel Aviv “publicly talked of the relationship with Turkey as “alliance”, during his first mandate in the 1990s. This was manifested in the cooperation of Israeli Special Forces in training border control and anti-terror warfare as well as by the sharing of information on the movements of the PKK forces along Turkey’s borders with Iran, Iraq and Syria during an earlier incarnation of the Kurdish rebellion in Turkey.
  16. Now, in the wake of the coerced "cooperation" supposedly brought about by the Istanbul bombing, the doors are being thrown wide open to a new flood of Mossad agents into Turkey, for the training of it's forces in 'anti-terrorist methods' such as the Israelis famously gave to the Americans in running the torture chambers of Abu Ghraib in Iraq.
  17. This kind of covert cooperation between the two middle eastern regimes is not in any way unprecedented. In fact the revelations of FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds about the nexus of Turkish-Israeli spy networks in America disclosed a degree of convergence which bespeaks more than just alliances of convenience!
  18. "Two sets of FBI files, but the AIPAC-related files and the Turkish files ended up converging in one. The FBI agents believed that they were looking at the same operation. It didn’t start with AIPAC originally. It started with the Israeli Embassy. The original targets were intelligence officers under diplomatic cover in the Turkish Embassy and the Israeli Embassy. It was those contacts that led to the American Turkish Council and the Assembly of Turkish American Associations and then to AIPAC fronting for the Israelis" said Edmonds.
  19. In a Sunday Times exposé, which was spiked due to American pressure, Edmonds described a parallel organization in Israel cooperating with the Turks on illegal weapons sales and technology transfers. Israel and Turkey ran active “moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions”, supported by U.S. officials, in order to sell secrets to the highest bidder. The profits were used to entrap American politicians into becoming agents of influence for the two foreign powers.
  20. Speaking of which...
  21. It was so amusing to see so many naive and wishful western parties peddling the notion that the man who is supposedly "an outsider" to all the corrupt dealings of a system dominated by billionaires with strong ties to Israeli causes - wake up one morning recently to the news that the Donald is indeed no different than any other compliant western politician.