1. Last night I had the pleasure of attending a unique conversation with Iris Apfel and Veranda editor Dara Caponigro in benefit of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. Throughout the conversation, it was clear that Iris' personality is as big as her trademark glasses. She makes her own rules, dances to her own drumbeat and feels no need to apologize to anyone. I live-tweeted as many of her quotes as possible (apologies to my followers). In case you missed it, here's a few gems:
  2. On her career:
  3. I've found her style (and the many women featured on Advanced Style, to be fair) so inspiring. It's a joy to know that sartorial perfection and beauty don't have to stop past the age of 40. Naturally, Iris had a few words of wisdom on the subject.
  4. Her bold style is magnetic (and hence the reason you're reading this post). The stories of her evolution (especially during her time at the University of Wisconsin) were the most charming.
  5. (excuse the typo - people put more things)
  6. And my personal favorite:
  7. May we all live to be as bold, charismatic and stylish as the lovely Iris Apfel.