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HTC One (M8) liveblog

Stuff reports on the launch of the HTC One (M8) smartphone


  1. And that's a wrap. You can read our full review of the HTC One (M8) here. It's a corker.
  2. HTC will fix broken screens for up to 6 months after purchase. Hooray.
  3. If you're using an old HTC One, One Mini or One Max, you'll be getting a Sense 6 update later this Spring.
  4. 230 carriers around the world, and 100 countries. It's the biggest roll-out HTC's ever done.
  5. "So much better than making another plastic phone and throwing a few dimples on the back." Ooh, handbag.
  6. You'll also be able to upload Zoe videos to the cloud, and remix your mates' videos. Coming this summer.
  7. The Zoe camera mode's been simplified – hold down the camera button and it'll shoot 20 seconds of video, capturing photos at the same time. And you can add music to Zoes, with the phone automatically adding cuts and fades in time with the tune.
  8. 5MP front camera! So much for rubbish selfies.
  9. You can pause while shooting video, and apply slo-mo effects to completed videos.
  10. HTC's still banging the drum for Ultrapixels in its camera.
  11. New camera modes: dual capture, selfies and a full manual control mode.
  12. HTC announces a Dot View flip case, which shows you time, caller ID and weather info while the case is closed – using a grid of dots for a pleasingly retro dot matrix view.
  13. The One (M8) gets a screen-tap-to-unlock mode, and gesture controls to access common apps while the screen's switched off. Holding the volume button down will launch the camera. A double-tap on the screen will ping up the lock screen and clock. Hold the ringing phone up to your ear, and it'll answer the call automatically.
  14. 40 per cent more battery life than the HTC One. And an extreme power saver mode, which will last two weeks on 100 per cent battery, or 15 hours at 5 per cent battery.
  15. HTC Connect will let you pair up your M8 with wireless speakers from the likes of Panasonic and Pioneer. 
  16. The BoomSound speakers have been tweaked – a new amp that improves dynamic range and reduces distortion, with redesigned acoustic chambers giving a 25 per cent boost in volume. Which will be welcome news to teenagers on the top deck of the bus.
  17. HTC's opening Blinkfeed up to developers. Including Foursquare; it'll ping lunch recommendations into your Blinkfeed. And Fitbit. You'll be able to use your One (M8) as your own personal Fitbit tracker. 
  18. There's a new Blinkfeed layout, and you can create your own custom feeds. No more "approved" RSS feeds, then.