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E3 Xbox One live blog

Stuff brings you all the latest news on Microsoft's E3 press conference as it happens – from 5pm today!


  1. This looks like the wrap-up.
  2. Neon-tinged lunacy and playing dominoes with buildings, in Crackdown.
  3. A brief glimpse of Scalebound, in which you ride a dragon that looks suspiciously like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.
  4. Our heroes are sneaking around preparing to take out some baddies. We suspect that the dialogue between players will be rather more colourful when the game makes it out into the wild.
  5. Your character calls up a visual of a train in a subway station, rendered in pixellated orange spooky-vision.
  6. Jolly Christmas music gives way to an ominous abandoned New York. And now for some truly gorgeous visuals.
  7. Ah, The Division. 
  8. Phantom Dust gets an arty trailer with twinkly piano music, fire swords and the tagline "The battle for reality begins." 
  9. The clipping's a bit dodgy in this griffin fight, he's jumping right through its wings.
  10. Lots of sword fighting and mud. Very Game of Thrones.
  11. Shoot a monster with a crossbow, and you can track it by the blood trail it leaves. All set in a massive open world called "no-man's land".
  12. "We're about 10 hours into the game, on a griffin hunt."
  13. And now, time for some Witcher 3 gameplay.
  14. Rise of the Tomb Raider, it's called.
  15. The Tomb Raider trailer juxtaposes scenes of Lara Croft in therapy with scenes showing why she needs therapy. Bears, is why she needs therapy.