An Energetic Story

Stories of Change are working with the GLA Peer Outreach Team to gather interviews with energy experts about our changing relationship with energy


  1. We are holding two training days in Milton Keynes with the team.
  2. We started off by talking about how and where we use energy.
  3. We also discussed how we use questions and began to think about what techniques we would need to conduct an interview.
  4. We built a plasticine model of our energy system - starting with a broadly fossil-fuel based system, and gradually adding in other, renewable, sources. We discussed the choices that we would need to make, and the compromises involved.
  5. One of things we did was ask people around the campus what questions they had about energy.
  6. Here are some of the questions we captured.
  7. They we will use some of these questions as we build up a list of questions for the interviews with our energy specialists.