Mitchell Wells: serial abuser of women on social media

This man has had 50+ accounts on Twitter over a period of at least 18 months; most are eventually suspended for targeted abuse & harassment of women (and only women). He's been reported to Twitter multiple times by multiple women, but simply sets up new accounts as soon as each is suspended.


  1. Mitchell Wells uses multiple social media accounts to obsessively stalk, derail, impersonate and generally harass women discussing feminist issues, particularly male violence against women. He also collects personal information of women from e.g. Facebook and then threatens to release it on Twitter in order to intimidate and silence women. Examples of him repeatedly perpetrating this targeted abuse are below.
  2. He uses multiple accounts, not only because he is repeatedly suspended for harassment, but also so he can pose as a woman and gain entry to their conversations. However he always gives himself away with his bullying, often abusive language and repeated targeting of certain women. He particularly targets those working for organisations that support women and individuals who are survivors of male violence.
  3. As a reminder, here are the Twitter rules against serial accounts, targeted abuse, impersonation, issuing threats and posting other users' private information. They are explicitly clear and Mitchell Wells breaks all of them.
  4. And here are the CPS criteria for harassment and cyberstalking
  5. Serial Twitter accounts used solely for harassment of women

  6. As of 2nd July 2015, Mitchell Wells was known to have at least eight active Twitter accounts. Twitter expressly forbids having multiple accounts for disruptive purposes. A glance through the timelines reveals sustained, obsessive, targeted harassment of women. Known current and suspended/deactivated harassment accounts run by Mitchell Wells are listed at the end of this Storify.
  7. His modus operandi is immediately obvious to the women he most frequently attacks, hence warnings are regularly tweeted for other women who may also wish to block him.
  8. Sometimes Mitchell Wells likes to debate himself, while derailing women's' conversations. Who says men can't multitask? Here's Mitchell Wells (aka @leswes44) chewing the fat with er, Mitchell Wells (aka @abacab456).
  9. It's a full time job keeping on top of all his accounts though, so inevitably he slips up now and then. Here's Mitchell Wells (aka @helenhunter82) stalking women (who've blocked him) looking for mentions of er, Mitchell (aka @peachbeld).
  10. @helenhunter82 says (s)he's definitely not Mitchell Wells though
  11. @ababcab456 Also. Definitely. Not. Mitchell. Wells.
  12. @wildwood107 innocently asks who Mitch is. Get that man an Oscar though.