Examining Extremism in the Wake of the Kansas JCC Violence

When Anti-Zionism Bleeds into Anti-Semitism - In the Wake of the Deadly Kansas City Shootings

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  1. In the wake of the deadly anti-Semitic shootings in Kansas, Max Blumenthal sought to capitalize on the tragedy by claiming that it was "conservatives" who wanted to defund DHS staff devoted to protecting America from extremists.
  2. However, it was soon revealed that Max himself sought to defund DHS funds devoted to protecting Jewish Institutions from attacks
  3. Max insinuated that the only reason DHS funds were devoted to protecting Jewish institutions was because of Jewish power and influence.
  4. Blumenthal mocked the idea that Jews were an at risk group despite FBI statistics showing that they are by far the largest target of hate crimes out of any religious group in America
  5. At the time of Blumenthal's tweet wanting to reduce money devoted to the protection of Jews in America, he had been working at Al-Akhbar, a Lebanese newspaper which was proudly supportive of Hezballah, the group widely believed to be responsible for the bombing of a Jewish Community Center in Argentina, killing scores of innocent civilians.  When asked how he felt to work with a newspaper supportive of such a violent anti-Semitic terror group, he responded that he was "proud."
  6. Even before Max Blumenthal joined the paper, the editor of Al-Akhbar had told the New York Times in a widely publicized interview that he supported the violent ethnic cleansing of all Jews from the Middle East:

    "He [Ibrahim al-Amine, the editorial chairman of Al Akhbar] offers his visitors tea, then reels off some of his own fondest hopes: to replace the oppressive governments of the Arab world, redraw the colonial-era borders, remove Israel from the map and send the Jews back to Europe — they would be more comfortable, after all, in a capitalist environment."

  7. It was revealed that the Neo-Nazi killer in Kansas had praised Max Blumenthal on the neo-nazi forum that he frequented
  8. A few weeks prior, Max had re-tweeted a neo-nazi's rant about "Jewish Supremacism in the 20th Century," the same 20th century which saw the Holocaust, the worst genocide of the Jews in history.
  9. However that same user, whose rant about "Jewish Supremacism in the 20th century" Max Blumenthal retweeted, had also tweeted this shocking anti-Semitic abuse at a Jewish twitter user
  10. Blumenthal has also displayed a shocking hostility towards Holocaust survivors.  When Elie Wiesel was 12 years old, he was transported to a Nazi death camp and went through the unspeakable horror of having both his parents along with his three sisters horrifically murdered by the Nazis.  Miraculously, Wiesel survived and became a best selling author and Nobel peace prize recipient.  When Max was 12 years old, he was living a life of privilege in an affluent neighborhood as the son of insider White house adviser Sidney Blumenthal.

    Nevertheless Blumenthal found it appropriate to react with amusement and mocking when Wiesel, the elderly Holocaust survivor, tearfully revealed that he had his entire life savings stolen from him by Bernie Madoff.
  11. It was revealed that the Neo-Nazi JCC shooter had wanted to publicize what he described as the hateful anti-gentilism of the Talmud:
  12. One of Max Blumenthal's collaborators, David Sheen, is an avowed Judeophobe who in a series of shocking tweets revealed his hatred of Judaism and the Torah and the Talmud, believing them to be anti-gentile.  David Sheen features prominently in Max Blumenthal's new book, Goliath, as well as Blumenthal's videos.  David Sheen also has a penchant for ranting against what he calls, "Jewish supremacists."  Previously, such hateful language and Judeophobia had been seen mostly on the far-right neo-nazi forums where the JCC killer became radicalized.