Can We Talk About This?

There's a veteran out there that needs help and we're all just ignoring him


  1. I'd like us all to have a conversation about Slade Villena. He's a veteran of the USMC, something for which he is very understandably proud and eager to defend.
  2. For the purposes of full disclosure I should go ahead and intimate that I am not a fan of Villena, nor do I agree with many of his views.
  3. And I sure as hell do not agree with Slade's opinions on terrorism
  4. Or how he is willing to endorse terrorism if it's leveled at his political opponents.
  5. Lately the world has mostly been ignoring Slade Villena because of his political affiliations and his recent behavior. He's been labeled as a troll and a troublemaker and pushed aside and ignored. Like with many veterans, we find it more comfortable and more conventient to pretend that he's just an asshole and not a veteran who might be dealing with some problems and maybe need some help.
  6. Slade has had a little problem with harassing and stalking a lot of people recently. One of his latest targets is an American satirist on YouTube named Peter Coffin
  7. Slade also recently targetted a video game developer and attempted to incite false reports of suicidal ideation in order to harass this game developer using emergency response facilities.
  11. Over the past while, Slade has become involved with a group of anonymous stalkers on 8chan frequenting boards such as /cow/ and /baphomet/, wherein they are used as a personal army to level against anyone they personally feel slighted by. Lately he's been using the boards to direct his unhealthy fixation on a complete stranger's family.
  12. Rogue had joined in on this group of stalkers and abusers in their collective fiction that Peter had somehow falsely claimed to be married and that his wife didn't exist.
  13. Peter has been trying to handle these conspiracies with tact.