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#TalkSoil tweet chat

The International Year of Soils 2015 is mobilising global interest in protecting soils but it is small scale farmers who suffer the effects of land degradation and poor soil health the most. On 13 April 2015, CIAT and Shamba Shape Up teamed up to #TalkSoil and “help farmers build healthier soils”.


  1. Here's a taster of our #TalkSoil tweet chat. You can also view #TalkSoil farmer Q&A storify and the full tweetscript.
  2. Soil proved to be a popular subject. The one hour tweet chat generated nearly 1000 tweets from 186 contributors and reached more than 300,000 people.
  3. Contributors ranged from private sector companies, researchers, NGOs and A LOT of individuals including farmers, soil experts, ag aficionados and more.
  4. ALL of them interested in helping farmers protect the earth beneath our feet.
  5. We had a great line up of soil and communication experts. Our panel comprised six organisations:
  6. · Katharine MacMahon, Communications Manager, Shamba Shape Up
    · Janeth Chepkemoi, Sustainable Soil Rsource Manager, Ypard
    · David Guerena, Agricultural Innovations Manager, One Acre Fund
    · Anja Weber, Country Manager, Soil Cares
    · Five experts from Syngenta - Wilfred Juma, Technical Field Expert in Kenya; Romano De Vivo, Head of Environmental Policy; Jeremy Dyson, Head of Environmental Stewardship for Europe and Fellow Institute for Soil Scientists (FIPSS); Manpriet Singh, Sustainable Agriculture and Stewardship Specialist; and Varun Vats, Public Policy & Partnerships Manager
    · And last but not least Georgina Smith,Communications Specialist; and Juliet Braslow, Soils Area Coordinator, from CIAT.
  7. Here they are! (well, some of them...)
  8. We were expecting a lively discussion - and we weren't disappointed.
  9. It turns out (unsurprisingly) smallholder farmers are facing a LOT of challenges when it comes to their soils.
  10. Some participants posted pictures and asked how they can solve erosion problems on their farms.