The Alumni Speaker Series: Beth Ann Kaminkow '89, President & CEO of TracyLocke

Newhouse alumna Beth Ann Kaminkow (Class of '89) spoke on October 17, 2012 about her success in the advertising industry and about something that scares all college students: the future. Below are some of Kaminkow's personal philosophies that she talked about and that she uses everyday.


  1. Kaminkow is a Leo.  Leos are enthusiastic super-achievers with a positive outlook on life.  Yep, Kaminkow is definitely a Leo.
  2. Kaminkow talked about how the commitments and sacrifices that needed to be made in order to be successful are the same as what a professional athlete has to deal with.  Nobody complains that athletes have to work hard on the weekends - nobody should complain that they have to work hard in a professional setting either.
  3. That's how you make a lasting impression with someone.  Networking at its finest.
  4. Everything nowadays is about marketing yourself.  How do you want to be seen in the business world?