Kavli Controversy: What color are Dichtel's sox?


  1. Cornell's Will Dichtel delivered a masterful Kavli lecture to a packed house at the 250th National Meeting the American Chemical Society in Boston on August 17, 2015. The entire audience was energized by the promise of porous carbon-based materials to address a range of challenges spanning from the delivery of clean water to energy storage. Heavily featured was the work of one of our favorite Big Red graduate students, Cathy DeBlase. During his heartfelt closing remarks, however, Dichtel seemed to wander into one of the most controversial minefields possible at a meeting like this. The crowd gasped and whispered. The ripple quickly spread through social media:
  2. The Red Sox. The Boston Red Sox. Had Dichtel gone too far? What does living in central New York do to a man? (I have some thoughts on this second point that I will keep to myself.)
  3. A famous Twitter duck weighed in:
  4. Sitting in the audience in Boston, I immediately knew what had gone wrong: the psyche of a pre-2004 Boston Red Sox fan had been unleashed on an unexpecting crowd in 2015.
  5. It may not be obvious to those who know the Red Sox as three-time World Series Champions in the new millenium (two since Yaghi's first COF paper!), but 86 years of futility don't just wear off. This is the attitude of the fan who used to wake up to swirling images of Bucky ****ing Dent, a slow roller down the first base line, Grady Little leaving a gassed Pedro on the mound. If you saw Dichtel's public response to the mounting controversy, it was probably this tweet:
  6. Though if you didn't already realize what lurked in the psyche of pre-2004 Red Sox fan, chances are that this response was about as opaque as the solution containing your newly synthesized COF. Wikipedia tells us that Horn was, for a time, the highest paid player in Taiwanese baseball history. That doesn't capture what his name means to a pre-2004 Red Sox fan.
  7. Here's a group of Yankee fans groping around for the truth:
  8. At any rate, I heard Dichtel and his group are headed to the game at Fenway tonight. No wonder a sudden thunder storm has descended. It's always 1986 for a Red Sox fan.
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