Assistant Secretary Blake's Twitter Q&A session

On Tuesday, Febureay 28th, Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia, Robert O. Blake, Jr. Took questions via twitter using #AskSCA. Questions ranged from Maldives to Exchanges to Iran sanctions. We look forward to doing another session in April.


  1. A 30 minute Q and A session on Twitter comes at you fast and deciding how to answer the more than 120 questions and comments during that time frame is both fun and challenging.  I work for the U.S. Department of State in the Bureau of South and Central Asia as a social media advisor and public affairs officer.  A few weeks ago Assistant Secretary Blake asked me what he could to help out with our social media outreach.  I suggested a Twitter Q and A session and he responded, "sure, let's do it".  A/S Blake had a great time taking in questions and responding where he could.  For those questions he couldn't answer he tried to put people in touch with the appropriate Embassy or regional office.  See below some of his responses:

  2. We also received quite a few questions about Maldives, from where Assistant Secretary Blake just returned. 

  3. A question on Iran Sanctions and our relationship with India also came up.
  4. We hope to do these more frequently with our friends on Twitter who are interested in South and Central Asian affairs in the future.  To learn more about our U.S. Diplomatic efforts in the region of South and Central Asia, follow us on @state_sca.