U.S. Engagement at UNGA: September 24

Monday September 24 marked the effective start of the United Nations General Assembly's high-level meetings. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held numerous bilateral meetings and launched two major initiatives. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at the United Nations on the rule of law.

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  1. Secretary Clinton started the day speaking about development issues at the Clinton Global Initiative: go.usa.gov/rS4G
  2. Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative
  3. At the United Nations, Attorney General Eric Holder spoke in the UN High-Level Meeting on the Rule of Law.  
  4. The launch of two major initiatives- the Global Philanthropy Working Group and the Equal Futures Partnership-  were among the highlights of the day.   When launching the Global Philanthropy Working Group, Secretary Clinton also announced changes in the tax regulations that will make it easier for civil society to engage in cross-border philanthropy worldwide.  You can read more here: go.usa.gov/jh4
  5. Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at the Global Philanthropy Working Group Launch
  6. The Equal Futures Partnership builds upon a challenge that President Obama issued last year at UNGA, where he called on his fellow leaders to make commitments to expand women’s progress in political and economic participation around the world.   
  7. The United States and 12 partner countries, multilateral stakeholders, including UN Women and the World Bank, and leading business and non-profit institutions all joined together to form the Equal Futures Partnership.  The founding members are Australia, Benin, Bangladesh, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Jordan, the Netherlands, Peru, Senegal, Tunisia, and the European Union.  
  8. Throughout the day, Secretary Clinton also participated in bilateral meetings with key interlocutors: President Karzai of Afghanistan, President Morsi of Egypt, President Magariaf of Libya, and President Zardari of Pakistan.  She also met jointly with Congolese President Kabila and Rwandan President Kagame.  Photos from some of these meetings are pictured below. Readouts can be found at: go.usa.gov/rhYJ and go.usa.gov/rhgY
  9. Secretary Clinton Meets With Egyptian President Morsi
  10. Secretary Clinton Meets With Congolese President Kabila and Rwandan President Kagame
  11. For more information on U.S. engagement at the UN, follow @StateDept or @USUN, or visit  state.gov  or the USUN's website.  Stay tuned to Storify for updates throughout the week on UNGA.