U.S. Engagement at UNGA: September 28

This week Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and key officials from the State Department and other government agencies are attending meetings at the 67th meeting of United Nations General Assembly in New York. Follow activities at @StateDept and @USUN, and catch daily recaps on Storify.

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  1. Today, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at the G-8 Deauville Partnership with Arab Countries in Transition Meeting and hosted the Ad Hoc Friends of Syria Ministerial.  She also met with Sudanese Foreign Minister Karti and jointly with Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gembo and South Korean Foreign Minister Kum Sung-hawn in a trilateral session.
  2. At the G8 Deauville Partnership with Arab Countries in Transition, Secretary Clinton pledged to continue supporting those in democratic transition in the Middle East, noting,  "We want to send a clear message to all those in the region who are working each day in governments, in civil society, in the private sector:  we stand with you and we will stand with you as long as it takes."
  3. Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at a G-8 Deauville Partnership Meeting
  4. Secretary Clinton hosted the Ad Hoc Friends of Syrian People Ministerial,  where she announced $30 million in new humanitarian assistance for Syria with an additional $15 million to support Syrian opposition groups.  The details of the additional humanitarian assistance can be found here.  In her remarks, Secretary Clinton said, "We are taking new steps to meet the growing humanitarian needs of the Syrian people, to support the opposition as it moves towards an inclusive, democratic transition, and to further pressure and isolate the regime." 
  5. Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at the Ad Hoc Friends of the Syrian People Ministerial
  6. Secretary Clinton's meeting with Foreign Minister Karti of Sudan came the day after Sudan and South Sudan signed several important agreements on security, oil, financial, nationality, and trade issues.  In her full statement on the signing of the agreements between Sudan and South Sudan, Secretary Clinton said "This is a critical step towards the peaceful resolution of the outstanding issues as towards fostering a new peace greater stability and development, and new economic partnership."  
  7. Secretary Clinton Meets With Sudan Foreign Minister Karti
  8. Secretary Clinton's meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gembo and Korean Foreign Minister Kum Sung-hawn was the fourth trilateral session at a ministerial level between the United States, Japan, and South Korea in the last two years.  They discussed North Korea, territorial issues and tensions, Burma, and a full range of global issues.  A readout of the meeting is available here.  
  9. U.S., Japan, South Korea Trilateral Meeting During UN General Assembly
  10. UNGA-related events continue over the weekend, and into next week.  Please continue to monitor our public schedule for ongoing activities.
  11. For further perspectives on the past week at UNGA, also see this blog post from the U.S. Youth Observer:
  12. You can read more about how we are working to advance U.S. interests at the United Nations here.   Please also check out USUN's factsheet on Reforming the United Nations.  Our coverage of UN events can be followed via @StateDept and @USUN on Twitter as well as on state.gov and the USUN website.  Please also see our "Inside the State Department: UNGA Week" video.