U.S. Engagement at UNGA: September 26

This week, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and key officials from the State Department and other government agencies are attending meetings at the 67th meeting of United Nations General Assembly in New York. Follow activities at @StateDept and @USUN, and catch daily recaps on Storify.


  1. On Wednesday, September 26, Secretary Clinton and senior U.S. government officials participated in the UNAIDS Shared Responsibility event; the UN Secretary-General Meeting on the Sahel; and the UN Secretary-General Meeting on Somalia.  Secretary Clinton represented the United States in the UN Security Council Session on Middle East Peace and Security and continued to hold bilateral meetings throughout the day.   We also celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Open Government Partnership.
  2. In her speech at the UNAIDS Shared Responsibility event held by the African Union and UNAIDS, Secretary Clinton highlighted growing African leadership in the fight against the disease, as well as the goal of an AIDS-free generation.   Read perspectives on the event from Ambassador Eric Goosby, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, on our DipNote blog.
  3. At the Secretary-General's session on the Sahel, Secretary Clinton called the situation in Mali "not only a humanitarian crisis" but also "a powder keg that the international community cannot afford to ignore." The Secretary affirmed U.S. support for a senior UN envoy empowered to lead a comprehensive international effort on Mali, as well as the creation of a diplomatic core group.  Read the Secretary's full remarks here.   
  4. Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at a UN Secretary General Meeting on the Sahel
  5. Secretary Clinton subsequently spoke on Middle East Peace and Security in the UN Security Council.  She additionally delivered remarks at the Secretary-General's Summit on Somalia.
  6. Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks on Middle East Peace and Security at the United Nations
    Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks on Middle East Peace and Security at the United Nations
  7. Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Maria Otero attended the one-year anniversary of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).  Since its founding by eight countries last September, OGP has grown to include 57 member states. The Partnership is overseen by an International Steering Committee composed of governments and civil society organizations in equal numbers, a unique model that reflects the goal of equitable citizen engagement in governance. Learn more about OGP by reading our fact sheet
  8. One Year On: From Commitment to Action
  9. Secretary Clinton and other senior State Department officials held several bilateral meetings and participated in a number of other events throughout the day. You can view photos of these events, including Secretary Clinton's meeting with Burmese President Thein Sein.  A list of Secretary Clinton's meetings can be found on the Department of State's public schedule.  
  10. Secretary Clinton Meets With Burmese President Sein
    Secretary Clinton Meets With Burmese President Sein
  11. You can read more about how we are working to advance U.S. interests at the United Nations here.   Please continue to follow our coverage of UN events via @StateDept and @USUN on Twitter as well as on state.gov and the USUN website.