Twitter Q & A with Under Secretary Tara Sonenshine

On Wednesday, June 27, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Tara Sonenshine took questions on Twitter in nine languages using the hashtag #AskState. Questions were simultaneously answered in Arabic, Chinese, English, Hindi, Farsi, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


  1. Under Secretary Sonenshine Responds to Questions during a Twitter Q & A
    Under Secretary Sonenshine Responds to Questions during a Twitter Q & A
  2. While most questions were received in English, Under Secretary Sonenshine's answers were translated into all nine languages represented. For more engagement on the event's hashtag, visit

    The following question and answers demonstrate how the event was conducted. A question would come in in English, such as this one about violence against Christians in Syria.
  3. Responses were posted in English and then translated into the other languages.
  4. Under Secretary Sonenshine then answered a question on entrepreneurship's role in improving the economy. 
  5. This question came in Chinese, on human rights issues in China: 

  6. Under Secretary Soneshine answered a question submitted by @Farani1, who asked what Public Diplomacy was. While the original tweet appears to be deleted from @Farani1's account, the response is still available, and was retweeted around the world in several languages. 
  7. On a personal note, Under Secretary Sonenshine was asked what inspires her. Here's what's she said: