Climate One: Aligning Profits with the Planet

Stanford professor of Environmental Science and recent Blue Planet Prize winner, Gretchen Daily, participated in the Commonwealth Club's Climate One series panel discussion on whether economic growth can be compatible with environmental conservation.


  1. Left to right: Barbara Grady, Adam Davis, Gretchen Daily and moderator Greg Dalton.
  2. Video highlights from the discussion can be viewed here:
  3. Addressing Overpopulation
  4. The full podcast is available here:
  5. Audience members reacted in real time to the spirited discussion, offering their thoughts and highlighting the most significant quotes from the speakers.
  6. For her outstanding contribution to environmental science that stands at the service of human well-being, Dr. Daily was recently awarded the Blue Planet Prize.
  7. Blue Planet Prize - Gretchen Daily
  8. The Blue Planet Prize amounts to $450,000 and is awarded every year to two leaders in the field of sustainability research. It is considered to be the most presitigous prize any environmental scientist can hope for. Two other Stanford professors have received the Blue Planet Prize in the past: Paul Ehrlich and Harold Mooney. Many congratulated Dr. Daily on her win: