SLS 2013 Graduation

On June 15, 2013, the graduation ceremony for the Stanford Law School Class of 2013 was held in Canfield Courtyard. Here's a look back at all the excitement from the big day.

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  1. Preparations for the Stanford Class of 2013 graduation ceremony got underway in Canfield Courtyard early in the week as anticipation built both on campus and off by excited friends and family. 

  2. The graduation programs have arrived! Who better
  3. By Saturday, the stage was set for friends and family to watch the Class of 2013 graduate

  4. As students got ready putting on their caps and gowns, friends and family members filed into Canfield Courtyard as the countdown to graduation began. 

  5. SLS Class of 2013 Graduation Ceremony
  6. The SLS Graduation ceremony for the Class of ...
  7. The processional, led by SLS faculty members, kicked off at 11 a.m. sharp. 

  8. Class of 2013 Graduation Ceremony
  9. SLS Class of 2013 Graduation Ceremony
  10. SLS Class of 2013 Graduation Ceremony
  11. Advanced degree student Olivia Henrietta Claire Jackson, LLM '13, was the first to take the podium, sharing the ways she and her fellow advanced degree students have been welcomed by the SLS community. 

  12. SLS Class of 2013 Graduation Ceremony
  13. "We have all served as ambassadors here for our own countries and leave now as ambassadors for the law school. Ambassadors don't just provide insights into local cultures and the detail of otherwise incomprehensible local law; they also make you feel at home. You have welcomed us into your community. I invite you now to allow us to reciprocate your welcome. Know that you can call on friends and colleagues scattered across the world."
  14. Next up was Matthew Francis Ferraro, JD '13, who talked about the impact his fellow classmates have had on him. 

  15. SLS Class of 2013 Graduation Ceremony
  16. Being surrounded by colleagues of such intelligence and experience – from soldiers to sailors, marines to airmen, scholars to bankers, human rights activists to teachers, journalists to scientists, and so many more – has given me new perspectives on things I thought I knew and made me realize, in a very humbling way, the many things that I don't know. And maybe, just maybe, somewhere along the way I even learned to 'think like a lawyer.' "