Secret Lives of the SLS Faculty

Ever wonder what members of the Stanford Law School faculty are up to outside of the classroom? Here's a look at some little known facts about our faculty.


  1. Janet Cooper Alexander, Frederick I. Richman Professor of Law, Emerita

    "As a graduate student in English at Stanford I was an anti-Vietnam war activist and a Marixist-Leninist-Maoist. I served ten days in jail for violating an injunction against campus disruptions, and in 1971 was suspended for heckling former Ambassador to South Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge at a speech at DInkelspiel Auditorium. After leaving Stanford I worked in an electronics factory and then became a rank and file union activist, a shop steward, and a local official in a big clerical workers union. I originally went to law school with the goal of being a union-side labor lawyer."
  2. Richard Craswell, Professor of Law

    "When I’m not in the classroom I’m setting famous Contract Law cases to music."