A look back at CodeX FutureLaw 2013

On April 26, 2013, CodeX - the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics hosted the first-ever CodeX FutureLaw Conference at Stanford Law School. Here's a look at some of the discussions from the conference, which focused on how technology is changing the landscape of the legal profession.


  1. Opening Keynote: Charley Moore, Founder, RocketLawyer

    Emerging technology and new models of providing legal services portend a period of significant change in the practice of law and the legal system. But, what comes next? What do we as a community need to build to lay the groundwork for the future? In the opening keynote address Charley Moore discussed what the legal profession could look like in twenty years, took stock of where we are now, and talked about the important problems left to be solved. 
  2. FutureLaw 2013 | Opening Keynote Address by Charley Moore
  3. Legal Disruption: Why Now? Why Here? What's Next? 

    What underlying forces are driving technological change in the legal industry, particularly in the Bay Area? How enduring and significant will these changes be? What challenges does the ecosystem face into the future that might stifle innovation, and how do we overcome them?  
    - Tim Hwang, Partner, Robot Robot & Hwang LLP (moderator)
    - Richard Komaiko, Co-Founder, AttorneyFee
    - Dan Shapiro, Co-Chairman, Casemaker
    - Eddie Hartman, Co-Founder, LegalZoom
    - Joshua Walker, Counsel, Simpson Thacher

  4. FutureLaw 2013 | Legal Disruption: Why Now? Why Here? What's Next?
  5. Computational Law and Contracts

    Machines are increasingly able to read and understand contract terms, and automatically make adjustments. How will these developments in computational law enable the creation of novel types of legal entities? And what types of problems and opportunities do they present in the private and public sector? 
    - Oliver Goodenough, Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society (moderator)
    - Kingsley Martin, CEO, KIIAC
    - Jamie Wodetzki, Founder, Exari
    - Ajay Agrawal, CEO, Sirion Labs
  6. FutureLaw 2013 | Computational Law and Contracts