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North Korea Timeline

According to experts, North Korea is ready for a fourth nuclear test. Pyongyang conducted its last underground nuclear test in February 2013, the third since 2006. Keep track of events here with Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation and the university's experts on the North.


  1. DPRK nuclear test - CTBTO press briefing 12.02.2013
    DPRK nuclear test - CTBTO press briefing 12.02.2013
  2. Google's Eric Schmidt Arrives in North Korea
  3. North Koreans celebrate the successful launch of a long-range rocket.

  4. The launch drew strong international condemnation, particularly from South Korea and Japan.

  5. CISAC Affiliate Nick Hansen on the Korean Peninsula's satellite space race:

    "[South Korea] took a different approach. They have very sophisticated satellites. They get parts from various high-tech companies whereas the North Koreans built a very crude primitive satellite but they launched it first so you know you've got to flip a coin."
  6. CISAC Affiliate Jeffrey Lewis analyzes debris from the launch:
  7. A Q&A by Stanford experts weighing in on the launch:

  8. "I think the best course for the United States would be to avoid over-reacting and to focus attention on Pyongyang’s defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions."

    - Tom Fingar, international intelligence expert and Oksenberg-Rohlen distinguished fellow at Stanford.