NBA Star Holds Social Media "Fan Appreciation Week"

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry goes online to thank fans for their support through a difficult season.


  1. It wasn't a season he expected. After undergoing ankle surgery last May, Golden State's Stephen Curry planned to help the Warriors make a playoff run in 2011-'12. But the pesky ankle didn't cooperate, limiting Curry's season and Golden State's postseason hopes. 

    Despite their disappointment, many Warriors fans supported Curry with hundreds of social media messages over the past few months. To thank those fans for their faith and patience, the point guard ran a "Fan Appreciation Week," which coincided with the final week of the NBA's regular season. Using his Twitter and Facebook pages, Curry held contests, chatted with fans and once again proved why he's one of the NBA's best at social media.

  2. DAY 1

    Curry releases a video personally thanking fans and announcing the challenge for the first contest. Click the link below to watch Curry's video:
  3. Within minutes, @jshaw_10 wins a pair of autographed shoes.
  4. DAY 2

    Curry's "Fan Appreciation Week" shifts to his Facebook page on Day 2. Click the links below to see the challenge and eventual winner.
  5. -
  6. DAY 3

    On Day 3, Curry holds a Twitter chat. He answers 48 questions in 30 minutes, and the chat's hashtag, #SC30, becomes a U.S. trending topic within five minutes.
  7. Why should athletes reply to fans on social media? Because of responses like this...
  8. And this...

  9. DAY 4:

    With his wife Ayesha due with their first child this summer, Curry asks for some advice...
  10. Suggestions flow in, including one from a former Missouri guard, current NBA prospect and a social media star in his own right...