Twitter Reveals Fascinating Real Time Reaction To ESPN's "Broke"

ESPN's "30-for-30" series returned Tuesday with "Broke," a depressing look into the financial lives of athletes. Throughout the 90 minutes, current and former athletes reacted on Twitter while they watched. It was yet another example of social media breaking down barriers between athletes and fans.

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  1. Three years ago, a Sports Illustrated cover story helped reveal a cruel truth about our sports stars -- many of them can't handle being rich. It's one of the more ironic things about a culture that idolizes athletes: some of those that make the most, waste the most. 
    When "Broke" began Tuesday night, the tweets started streaming in from guys tuning in:
  2. After their first day of training camp, what we're the Cleveland Cavaliers watching?
  3. Many current athletes seemed to already get the pitfalls of an athlete's paycheck:
  4. Former athletes also chimed in with first-hand knowledge:
  5. At least one athlete didn't really need a doc to learn a lesson:
  6. But for Delonte West, lessons already learned don't seem to mean much: