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#IndySM breakfast: Soccer and Social with @indyeleven; how it all began

Panelists for our @indysm breakfast -- @tomdunmore and @mason and @mollyk10 - chronicle the sometimes-painful but unbelievably interesting launch of a pro soccer franchise in Indianapolis, the @indyeleven and its fan group @the_BYB. One of our best events in years.


  1. Some news to kick off the event:
  2. Thanks to our host!
  3. The setting was one of a kind, with @lorraineball explaining that Indy Fringe -- after 10 years, is beginning phase 2. Key upgrades include a SECOND bathroom! The toilet is to collect donations.
  4. The #indyfringe toilet ... was a big hit
  5. On to the main event: How IndyEleven formed. They just completed their first season. If you want to learn more, they are all over the Internet.
  6. We all know now that they are a success -- all the home sellouts and positive media coverage ...
  7. But how did it all start? Grassroots.