SC Flashbacks: 2011

Follow along with us as we take a look back at the highlights of this year at SoundCloud.

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  1. Sound. By SoundCloud.

  2. Our final flashback is actually about the future. The future of sound in the online landscape and in our world. Sound is paramount to us, and we captured this in the video below through the contributions of sound experts. What does sound meant to you? Why is it important to you?
  3. November: HTML5 Widget has landed!

  4. One of your most requested products of 2011 finally launched. Hot off the tails of our SoundCloud for iPad app, we debuted our brand new HTML5 Widget. Not only did we include a new waveform design, but with no flash, it works well with all mobile devices and takes up less load requirements. More details of our announce of the widget here!
  5. Screen Shot 2011-12-29 at 8.12.13 PM.png
  6. October: Third annual Global Meetup Day

  7. Our last Global Meetup Day of the Year took place on October 5 with SoundClouders gathering all around the world over the "meaning of sound." Revisit the highlights below and here.
  8. SoundCloud Meetup Paris - Best Of
  9. September: Our first US Office in San Francisco

  10. We finally opened up shop in September! We made San Francisco our first US office to be closer to the Silicon Valley tech hub as our team and user base expands. We're located in the sunny Mission district, so come say hello if you're in the area!
  11. Oh look, that’s our new home in San Francisco! Update: and that’s us in the newspaper!