Art-House Film Continues to Revolutionize the Motion Picture Industry

The indie film Marley integrates new social technology to increase audience engagement.


  1. Bob Marley | MARLEY trailer

  2. On April 20th, 2012 "Marley", a documentary distinguishing the life of cultural icon Bob Marley, will be the first U.S. film to stream via Facebook during its theatrical release.

    The innovative distribution method initiates a cultivating response throughout social media sites. In fact, as of February 2012, the Marley fan page ranked among Facebook's top 25 pages with over 36 million fans according to Internet statistics provided by Website Monitoring. Furthermore, Indiewire the leading news, information, and networking site for independent-minded filmmakers, the industry and moviegoers alike lists "Marley" as one of the top 8 must see indie films in April.

    Engaging audiences through social media and additional web content greatly influence entertainment users' decisions. With this strategy, the film integrates a shared social viewing experience with the distribution launch of Milyoni, which is accessible by pay-per-view. Ultimately, it permits consumers to interact and post comments during scenes. Many Marley fans and supporters of indie film, encourage others to participate in the U.S. introduction of advanced cinematic technology.
  3. In addition to watching MARLEY on Facebook, fans can share exclusive quotes, movie clips, their own comments and other social interactions. Shangri-La and Tuff Gong brought this unique experience to the millions of Marley Facebook fans using Milyoni, the platform behind several industry innovations in social entertainment including the first Pay Per View movie on Facebook, the first Pay Per View Concert on Facebook and the first social annotated movie on Facebook. Congrats to the MARLEY team on this Fans get it First approach to movie delivery.
  4. "It's a unique opportunity for a film that's not a Blockbuster," says Sandi Hemmerlein, general manager of Tuff Gong Worldwide — Marley executive producer Ziggy Marley's record label. "One of our goals is to give as many people as we can access to it. 
  5. Fan Page List reports that the "Marley" official website currently attracts over 30 thousand unique visitors and its Twitter following continues to increase monthly. Moreover, the website encourages additional online communication by contributing inspirational art that represents the essence of Bob Marley. Fans can share Marley lyrics and submit original work as well.

  6. Bob Marley Inspired Artwork
    Bob Marley Inspired Artwork
  7. According to Documentary Storm, most of Marley's fans were not born before his death yet, that has not stopped a generation from connecting to his message. As a result, "Marley" is the most anticipated documentary of 2012.  Until now, he has not had a definitive documentary. Humanity has gotten to know the man through his music.