The Workplace Violence Awareness Debate: Are You Safe at Work?

Is it an employer's right to monitor employees for safety? National Workplace Violence Awareness Month brings the debate to life: Will US employers follow trends to use employee monitoring to keep lone workers safe?


  1. SoloProtect US reports lone worker protection news: "Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year. Unfortunately, many more cases go unreported." According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Workplace Violence (2014)
  2. CNN reports workplace violence associated with jobs where employees are alone with a client, prospect or patient, such as a home healthcare worker, real estate agent, or service technician. These employees are defined as lone workers or lone working employees. Many attacks on lone workers could be prevented.
  3. Employers are beginning to follow trends of the UK, providing lone working employees with devices to detect location and need for emergency assistance. Domino's delivery drivers are provided a device to protect delivery drivers and staff working alone.
  4. Employees debate the relevance of employee monitoring as they view applications associated with employee monitoring technologies to be invasive.
  5. As UPS has demonstrated, by giving employees an Apple iWatch, employers could soon be using technology to increase productivity. Some employees believe this type of employee monitoring will provide a source for Human Resources to prove non-productivity of workers.
  6. Workplace violence statistics are growing. The numbers include more than physical assault. Any person who has been abused, threatened, intimidated or assaulted in the workplace is a victim of workplace violence.
  7. The US Department of Labor provides resources for lone working employees such as healthcare workers, such as Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Care & Social Service Workers.
  8. US standards for lone worker safety do not include technology requirements or regulations to protect employees working alone. Devices such as this are required in the UK, to monitor employees for lone worker protection.
  9. The FBI released a study on workplace violence issues associated with emergency response. The study shows a need for emergency response to assist workers in workplace violence events. In the last 15 years, homicides resulting from workplace violence have ranked among the top four causes of occupational fatalities in American workplaces, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Beyond the Numbers, Workplace Injuries (2014) Many of the homicides resulting from workplace violence could have been prevented with increased knowledge of events and ability of emergency responders to act, through the use of employee monitoring technology.
  10. Reported by, Kings III Emergency Communications acquired technology to provide employee monitoring devices to US employers.
  11. SoloProtect employee monitoring for lone worker safety, utilizes Identicom® employee safety devices with Kings III industry leading emergency communications and employee monitoring systems to deliver a safety solution unprecedented in the U.S.

    The SoloProtect worker safety solution utilizes the Identicom employee monitoring device to communicate with the Kings III Emergency Communications Dispatch Center. Operating over the cellular network, the SoloProtect solution captures GPS location information and enables users to discreetly open a voice channel to a specialized monitoring center when they feel at risk. Operators trained and certified in emergency communications monitor the situation and contact the appropriate authorities if an encounter escalates. Kings III call centers have direct access to 911 and emergency services across the country and within Canada and other parts of North America.