The Softlink Scoop - Edition 10/17

A weekly roundup of library and information centre news and opinions from around the world


  1. ICT professionals are not library and information professionals

  2. Management's confusion about the difference between ICT and library and information professionals, is resulting in information professionals increasingly placed under the aegis of ICT managers because everything "is available on the internet” right? The ALIA report is available at the end of the short article.
  3. Blockchain and information security

  4. An article in Business Insider discusses the increasing use of blockchain technology and the ramifications for information security.
  5. The 2017 In-House Award winners

  6. Organisations are increasingly incorporating in-house lawyers as an integral part of management teams to address 21st century risks including crisis management, cyber security and appropriate response plans, to corporate social responsibility.
  7. Saving historic computers

  8. A museum in the US is preserving and displaying historic working computers, with a classic IBM 36/30 mainframe computer the star attraction.