Sodexo's Recap of #WorldFMDay 2014

On June 4, 2014, we recognized World FM Day, an international event celebrating the many successes and contributions Facilities Management professionals bring to the built environment around the World. Here are the discussions you may have missed:


  1. A Tribute from Sodexo

    To start the day, we dedicated these Tributes to Facilities professionals worldwide before jumping into hot topics, including changing demographics, the impact of FM on employee wellness, predictions for the future and career opportunities:
  2. Advancing Women and Girls in STEM Careers

    Did you know young girls and women are less likely than their male counterparts to work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields? Sodexo COO Michael Norris discusses the importance of providing relevant and exciting examples of STEM job opportunities to cultivate interest at an early age:
  3. FM's Impact in the Workplace

    For 90% of our waking lives, we live and work in manufactured worlds with artificial air, light, temperatures, sounds and materials, but health-centered building design can improve employee satisfaction, motivation and your organization:
  4. Facilities Management and Quality of Life

    Sodexo has progressively expanded its integrated Facilities Management offering to clients worldwide, improving the Quality of Life of thousands of consumers through technical excellence. Here's why it matters:
  5. Engineering, Facilities & Energy Management and Jobs
    Engineering, Facilities & Energy Management and Jobs
  6. The Future of Facilities Management

    The FM industry continues to evolve with the environment around us. From a change in demographics to the need for more engagement, Sodexo leaders shared their predictions of what's to come:
  7. The Role of Sodexo Facilities Professionals

    At Sodexo, FM professionals improve Quality of Life by creating environments for healing, learning and conducting business operations:
  8. Sodexo Facilities and Engineering Manager Jobs
  9. Meet Our People 

    Read stories about real Sodexo Facilities professionals who help make a difference in the lives of people like you:
  10. Connect with Our FM Recruiters

    Ready to chat about careers at Sodexo? Connect with our Facilities recruiters on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more:

  11. Join the Team

    Visit our new microsite to explore Sodexo careers in Facilities and Engineering Management across the U.S. and apply today!