Social Media Week February 2012

Social Media Week's 4th edition goes bigger and bolder.

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  1. Social Media Week Global Promo 2012
  2. Kicking off in style, SMW's press conference featured Don Tapscott, Buddy Media's CEO Michael Lazerow, among others. In addition to starting SMW12, we sent off our two participants in our first ever social experiment, Can Man Live on Social Media Alone. 
  3. We sent off Daphne and Martin to survive just using the clothes on their backs, a plane ticket to the other's country and social media accessed via their new Nokia Lumia phones. 
  4. NYC Mayor proclaims February 13-17 official Social Media Week in NYC! 
  5. Social Media Week receives a proclamation from @mayorbloomberg presented by Rachel Sterne.
  6. We also officially released "Future Hipsters" with Entrinsic. Within a week, the video saw close to 600,000 views! 
  7. Hong Kong then surprised the city with a flash mob to get everyone excited for Monday! 
  8. The online world started buzzing in anticipation. 
  9. While Paris took to the streets to spread the word! 
  10. Wall Photos | Facebook
  11. Tokyo was our first city to hit the beginning of SMW12 with Professor Yamawaki! 
  12. Wall Photos | Facebook
  13. Our other 11 cities soon followed!