{Latha Twitter 2014} Gaelic Twitter Day 2014

The very first Latha Twitter is taking place on Thursday, 1st May 2014. This is the story by Jamie Wallace on how it came about. We will also let you know how you can take part.


  1. I had been away during the week to An Tional, a Celtic Neighbours gathering, at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye. There, I saw an inspirational presentation by Mirjem Vellinga of Frisian language and culture development organisation Afûk. The talk was on their own success with ‘Fryske Twitterdei’ – Frisian Twitter Day. Following the excitement caused by the presentation, Social Media Alba stepped forward to take the lead on this new project.
  2. And it was not long before news reached across to the Continent...
  3. Then just a day later, I receive a call from Allan Macleod at BBC Radio nan Gàidheal asking if I would be happy to do an interview to be broadcast the next morning...
  4. I gave the interview - speaking in Scottish Gaelic, a language I have been learning for about five years now.
  5. I then set up an online event on Facebook...
  6. And also on the Scottish social networking site Kiltr...
  7. I started getting messages from friends saying they were listening to the interview on the BBC iPlayer (èist a-rithist), so I passed the information on...
  8. -
  9. The interview is only available for a week, so this video with the interview was created....have a listen, it's in Scottish Gaelic!
  10. Agallamh Rèidio air Latha Twitter - Radio Interview on Gaelic Twitter Day 01.06.2014
  11. I noticed the Scottish Parliament was getting more involved in Social Media and publicising and using hashtags for their events, including Community Conferences and the Festival of Politics.
  12. I visited the Twitter team in Friesland to find out how they went about Twitter Day first-hand to prepare for 2014.