Social Work Summit - Equipping the Workforce: "Being Lighthouses"

8th December 2017, Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow


  1. The context that social work and social care currently operates in is challenging: austerity; public sector reform; higher demand for care and support; and increased expectation about what that care and support can be.
    Audit Scotland stated in the 2016 report on social work, that social work services are not sustainable in their current form.
  2. But social work services are needed, now perhaps more than ever. This summit provided the start of a conversation that we need to have across the sector asking: how do we harness our values to create and sustain services that meet people’s needs?

  3. A national summit: why?

    Susan Taylor, President of Social Work Scotland

  4. Susan is the Head of Children’s Health, Care and Justice Services / Chief Social Work Officer within the East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership. She is also the President of Social Work Scotland.
    Susan has particular interests in organisational development and service deign which reflects the lived experience of people.
  5. To watch Susan's input, please follow this link:

  6. Steven's story: the role of social work in turning lives around

  7. Steven is someone who has been subjected to several Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and shared how this had a serious impact on later health, education and life outcomes including violence, substance use and serious social anxiety. He shared how various people and services including social workers have helped him turn his life around and enjoy a positive and rewarding life with his daughters. Steven now works in various social enterprises and charities which help others going through similar difficulties, including the City of Edinburgh's Turn Your Life Around project which trains up local volunteers to share their story in schools to inspire staff, pupils and families

  8. Ministerial address: Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Children and Early Years

  9. Maree Todd MSP is the Minister for Childcare and Early Years. She was elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2016 and represents the Highlands and Islands region. A pharmacist by profession, Todd worked in NHS Highlands for 20 years, mainly as a mental health pharmacist in a psychiatric hospital. She also contributed to SIGN guidance on perinatal mental health.