Social Work Scotland Annual Conference Report

Change is good. #SWS17


  1. " I just want to take a moment to applaud you, social workers, guardians of the vulnerable, the people who try their best to keep the ship of family afloat, people who have dedicated their careers to reaching out to others, throwing out a lifeline when the storms rage up and it looks like that ship is going to sink with no survivors or has lost its way in the dark. Its you that often either have to dive right in to those terrifying tides or search the coastline for signs of life. You are often the lighthouse that people need to steer them clear of the rocks. You do this, with often very little thanks, you do this in a climate of fear and scaremongering in the press, its often you that have to take the fall when things go badly wrong. You do this in a time of austerity, when it seems like more and more families are succumbing to the wrecking winds of poverty and need your help, you do this with limited resources. I know you dont do this for thanks or praise, I know you that each and every person in this room is here because they believe they can bring about positive change in the lives of other and therefore make this a better world to live in. "

    Louise Wallwein at the Social Work Scotland conference 2017

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  4. Speakers in order of appearance:

  5. Susan Taylor, President, Social Work Scotland
  6. Michael Matheson, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice
  7. Louise Wallwein, Poet
  8. Dr Brian Wood J.B. Wood, Ph.D, B.SC, F.R.S.C., F.I.S.T., C.Chem.
  9. Fiona Lees, Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council
  10. Nigel Richardson, former Director of Leeds Childrens Services
  11. Michael Russell MSP, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotlands Place in Europe
  12. Iona Colvin, Chief Social Work Adviser to Scottish Government
  13. Bernadette Oxley, Head of Childrens Social Work and CSWO, Aberdeen City Council
  14. Talat Yaqoob, Director, Equate Scotland
  15. Iain MacRitchie, Founder and CEO of MCR Pathways
  16. Chelsea Cameron, Student

  17. Day 1: 14 June 2017