#SXW2O Highlights

Each year, W2O Group hosts 'SXW2O' events leading up to the annual SXSW Interactive conference. SXW2O features a variety of events with insights from thought leaders in tech, business and communications.


  1. W2O's main SXW2O event was the PreCommerce Summit. The event featured a wide variety of speakers who gave 10-15 minutes presentations on topics ranging from the importance of data protection to how the wine industry is using new technology to stay relevant.
  2. All of the speakers emphasized the importance of embracing technology and innovation.
  3. Many of the speakers had a lot to say about technology's impact on communications and marketing efforts.
  4. Other speakers, like Julie Borlaug, associate director of the Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, spoke about how technology can ultimately be used to improve the quality of life for people around the world.
  5. One of the most popular segments of the event was an interview with the SXSW Interactive Director Hugh Forrest. The interview was conducted by a leading technology influencer, John Battelle, a journalist and co-founder of WIRED magazine.
  6. Hugh gave some interesting advice on how to be successful at SXSW as entrepreneurs and businesses attempt to break out and get noticed.
  7. One company that famously gained traction at SXSW was Twitter, back in 2007.
  8. The PreCommerce Summit even made #SXW2O a trending topic in Austin.
  9. The next day W2O hosted the Digital Brunch which was catered by local food trucks and even included some furry friends for attendees to play with.
  10. Speaking of food, it was a major topic at SXSW this year. The W2O analytics team tried to settle a very common argument in Austin: tacos or barbecue?
  11. The Movers & Shapers event hosted by W2O on the fourth day continued the trend of providing attendees with key insights from technology and business leaders.
  12. Like the PreCommerce Summit, Movers & Shapers covered a very wide array of topics.