Scio13 - Canadian Style #cancomm

A #cancomm session at scio13 held by @mcshanahan & @_ColinS_ generated a lot of online discussion re: what we can do to improve the Canadian situation. This storify collates Tweets on the session itself, and on some new initiatives.


  1. See #cancomm Storify by @talksciencetome for more general content on the session
  2. The session started off with some broad-based discussion that was hard to engage in via Twitter, particularly since the 140 char format made it hard to get to the meat of some of the points.
  3. Participating in #scio13 via Twitter was a bit frustrating - people like @mistersugar had tips on how to improve that.
  4. Still worth it to join the #cancomm session online and hear what people were talking about, plus add a few new ideas for people to chew on.
  5. Good sign - people are interested in a Cdn sciblog network in the making!